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Warren - Kolomoki Indian Mounds & Providence Canyon

Eleven kids and Monica Trimble, a youth director at the Warren-Holyfield Boys and Girls Club, met with the Atlanta ICO leaders and volunteers to have a bagel and fruit breakfast and go over the outing plan (to camp at Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park then see Providence Canyon en route home the next day). After registering at the State Park, they toured the museum, which has a recreation of the findings in one of the mounds, then drove to pioneer site 1 where they had lunch and set up their tents. This group campsite is spacious and has ample room for tents and a campfire, and is close enough to the othert activity areas of the park for kids to hike to them. Everyone walked to the mound area, climbed on the mounds, played games in the plaza area in front of the main mound (flew kites), then visited the general camping section of the park to see how different people set up their camps (from tents to RVs), bring pets, etc., to enjoy the playgound, and see the location of the more civilized restrooms (the pit toilet in the campsite being very primitive, although adequate). Everyone hiked back to camp, then had dinner (silver turtles), two desserts (peach cobbler cooked in a Dutch oven and Smores), then looked at stars, told stories and went to bed. The next morning, had breakfast and broke camp. En route back to Atlanta, stopped at Providence Canyon State Park and had lunch, then hiked into the canyon to see the beautiful formations. 


Warren - Canine Assistants & Woodlands Preserve

In the morning a group of kids from the Warren Boys & Girls Club and Atlanta Inner City Outings visited Canine Assistants and learned how this organization trains dogs to assist people with physical or cognitive disabilities. A couple of the kids were fearful of dogs, and it was a good experience for building trust with them. We travelled to Woodlands Land Preserve in Decatur, where we had lunch, conducted a scavenger hunt around the 7 acres of land, learned to use compasses and to build a fire, and to make s'mores. Thanks to the Club who provided the transportation and provided one of their staff to participate, and to the volunteers and prospective volunteers.

Warren Boys & Girls Club - Fort Mountain State Park

Atlanta Inner City Outings volunteers and youth from the Warren Boys & Girls Club took a trip on October 20 to Fort Mountain State Park for hiking and "camping 101."  The group hiked the Tower Loop and hung out at the overlook for a while (it was nice!!!).  After enjoying the views, the group headed down the road for lunch and to put up tents and roast marshmallows.  The kids also played on the beach and made sandcastles.  Unfortunately the B&G club van wouldn't start, but park maintenance staff was able to come to the rescue.  Once it started, we left to put up tents and finish the marshmallows back at Warren!

Warren - Sweetwater Creek State Park

On August 25, kids from the Warren Boys & Girls Club and Atlanta Inner City Outings volunteers ventured out to Sweetwater Creek State Park.  The day of hiking included great views of the creek, the ruins and the water falls.  The kids loved the rocks in the creek so much (water level was low).  After lunch snake talk by Ally.  The kids liked touching the snakes.  After the snake talk everyone went back down to creek to play on the rocks.  The kids REALLY enjoyed the rocks.  They ignored my flyer suggestion to wear shorts but they got in blue jeans and all.  They claimed it was the best field trip ever and wanted to know when we were coming back.  

Warren - Raccoon Mountain

Eight kids and 5 Atlanta Inner City Outings volunteers braved Raccoon Mountain in Tennessee.  We had a new volunteer who was checking us out and Coach Greg from Warren as well.  The entracne to the cave was awesome, just like in the pictures and then it got cramped.  We literally crawled on out stomeach through some of the tightest spots.  The kids were scard at first (I think of seeing vampire bats) but quickly got over it.  The adults had as much fun as the kids.  It definitely expanded our comfort zones.  Raccoon Mountain Caverns is a great place to go and they have a great campground on the property if a group wants to do a overnight.  We did the Fossil tour which was 2 hrs.  The time flew by but it was just long enough.